Dried Black currant leaf grown wild , used for extracts or for herbal tea

This is leaves of the highest quality wild grown blacurrant as close to nature as you can get! Blackcurrant leaf is used for both tea or as medecine to improve blood flow in the body, we export dried blackcurrant leafes to all over the world. Most of our customers is from Germany and Japan who appreciate our high quality.

Why you should chose our black currant leaves?
We have our own processes and packing factory close to the growers and can manage both small and big orders. This combined with nearly 30 years of experience makes us the first choice for many quality oriented customer all around the world.

Have it your way
We can grind the blackcurrant leaves to become powder or you can choose it as a whoe dried leaf. Just send us a message and we will arrange the order in the way you prefer. 

More Details about our Ginger Powder

Product nameWild grown blackcurrant leaves
StylePowder or whole leaf
colorBrown / Green 
FlavorSweet and aromatic
GradeFirst Grade
Cultivation TypeGrown wild
Place of OriginGuangxi, China (Mainland)
Supply Ability500tons per year
CertificationFDA,EC, NOP