Galanga – Dried Galanga slices, whole and galanga powder

Our Galanga comes from the Guangdong / Guagxi border in China.
We supply 2 main version Normal as well as an low S03 option with lower than 30ppm measure of sulfure dioxide witch the standard for our European and American customers.
We supply mostly galangal powder, but if you want whole or sliced galangal we will arrange that for you. 

Why you should choose us
We have our own processes and packing factory close to the growers and can manage both small and big orders. This combined with nearly 30 years of experience makes us the first choice for many quality oriented customer all around the world. 

More Details about our Galangal

Product nameGalanga
Stylewhole, slices or grined
FlavorStrong and aromatic
GradeFirst Grade
Cultivation TypeCommon
Place of OriginChina
Supply Ability500 tons per year
Certification FDA , HACCP, ISO9001