Nr 1.   Cuba libre

30 ml of Rum Golden or Light, both is ok
1/2 real Lime Juice
120 ml Cola 

How to make it:

This cocktail you can’t shake for obvious reasons (Carbohydrate in the Cola)
1. Just put everything in a high glass with some pies of Ice inside
2. Decoration: Slice of Lime on the Glass edge

Nr 2. Daiquiri

A well-balanced cocktail good for any time and any place.


  • 40 ml San Bart’s light Rum
  • Half a Lime, Please Note: Do Not use the small bitter green one – NOT the big yellow Lemon, use only the middle sized green/yellow one.
  • 20 ml Sugar syrup (sugar + water 1:1)

Put Rum, Sugar/water and lime juice into the glass and stir for 5 seconds add some nice freezing cold ice.


Decoration: One Lime slice with outer skin cut like a star,  can before glass is filled wet the top edge with Lime juice and dip into sugar.

Nr 3. Batida

  • 40 ml San Bart´s Light Rum
  • 7 ml Passion fruit syrup
  • 60 ml Coconut milk

Shake with cracked ice and pour it all into a high glass and fill with more ice

Decoration: Some passion fruit seeds on the top and a small mint leave on the glass edge.

Nr. 4 Mojito

How to make a Mojito


30 ml White Rum
15 ml Lime juice
15 ml of sugar syrup 1:1
Fresh mint and soda water

How to make it:

  1. Add the Lime and sugar into a glass and muddle (Squish everything together, then remove the Lime after you got the Juice out)
    2. Put the mint leaves in your hands and”clap” so the aroma gets released.
    3. Then push the mint leaves with a spoon into the lime juice and gently push it down in the lime mix.
    4. Fill half the glass with ice and then add the white rum on top and stir until the sugar crystals dissolves.
    5. Finnish by pouring the soda inside.

Why you need to be gentle when making this cocktail is because both Mint and Lime peel can become bitter if handled wrong.
And the last thing you want is a bitter cocktail

Nr 5. Navy Grog

  • Any NAVY Rum or Oak Rum
  • 1 Tablespoon Lime Juice per serving
  • 1 Tablespoon Brown Cane Sugar
  • 3- 4 parts Cold water 


  • How to make it:
  1. Pour everything inside a cocktail shaker
    2. Shake
    3. Make an ice cone or fill ice inside a Collins glass / Old style traditional glass
    4. Pour cocktail inside and top with Soda
    5. For Garnish use a 3 Lime slices and a straw

If later can make a clean Ice cone with a hole in (use chopsticks), put ice cone into a glass, d fill up the liquid and put a straw into the hole in the cone. But need an ice mold that fits glass – do later !

Nr 6. Pina Colada

  • 40 ml San Bart´s Light Rum
  • 7 ml Passion fruit syrup
  • 60 ml Coconut milk 

Shake with cracked ice and pour it all into a nice glass and fill with more ice

Decoration: Put a piece of Pineapple on the edge with a red Cherry to a tooth pick place a straw

Nr 7  Flaming Zombie

How to make a flaming Zombie


15 ml White Rum
30 ml Dark Rum
45 ml Golden Rum
30 ml pure lime Juice
15 ml Pineapple Juice
1/2 Orange pressed Juice
1 tablespoon simple syrup                                                                                                     one spoon over strong Rum

How to make it: Stir everything together in a high glass

Decoration: Make a Cup from half a Lime fruit, stabilize sides with toothpicks and pour into over strong Rum, light up, sprinkle Cinnamon over fire to make stars. Blow out the fire and use a straw (on the side)