San Barts Rum

It all started winter 2013

Ulf made a batch of Rum based on a family recipe and this Christmas it was time to open the old barrel and have a try. Will never forget it, the taste was amazing and there and then we decided that we are going to build a factory and share this to more people around the world.

To Create Chinas biggest rum brand , made from one of the best sugarcanes in the world in combination with Innov spices amazing products

Now after nearly 5 years of hard struggle from father and son the factory is finally finished and we can introduce this Rum to you.

We strongly believe you share this preference in both taste and flavor and enjoy this alcohol with us.

Cheers! // Teriff and Ulf Einarsson

We have two very good products to offer:

San Bart´s Oak matured:
Golden amber color.
Dried fruits aromas dancing with lastings of apricots, orange blossom, roasted nuts and honey.
Gorgeous entry to the mouth full rounded mouth, complex layers of flavors with some dark chocolate supported by polished oak.
Long soothing finish with butter toffee everlasting in the mouth.

San Bart´s Light Rum:
Warm white color.
Nose aromas of vanilla, almond and pineapple.
Smooth entry to the well rounded mouth with deep vanilla taste and a hint of orange.

Long satisfying finish with show of oak