Red & Green Sichuan pepper Whole and Powder

We can supply 3 major qualities from 3 diffrent regions as well as Red or Green sichuan pepper.
Our main growing areas is Sichuan, Shagdong and Shangxi where Shangdong is the cheapers and Sichuan is the most expensive. 

Some Facts about Sichuan Pepper
The peppercorn has an appearance similar to that of black pepper, but with the husk split open and a brownish red color.

As its name would suggest, Sichuan peppercorn is commonly used in Sichuan cuisine. The dried peppercorn can be used whole or ground, often in braised dishes and soupe.

Sichuan peppercorn has a pungent aroma, slightly lemony overtones, and numbing properties. If you accidentally bite into one of these small peppercorns, you’ll immediately feel a tongue-tingling, buzzing, party-in-your-mouth sensation.

Why you should choose us
We have our own processes and packing factory close to the growers and can manage both small and big orders. This combined with nearly 30 years of experience makes us the first choice for many quality oriented customer all around the world. 

More Details about our Sichuan Pepper

Product nameSichuan Pepper
Stylewhole or powder
colorGreen or Brown/Red
FlavorAromatic, lemony and numbing
GradeFirst Grade
Cultivation TypeCommon
Place of OriginChina
Supply Ability500 tons per year
CertificationFDA , HACCP, ISO9001